AC Repair and Replacement?

Signs Your AC is Deteriorating and Needs Repairs or Replacement

During an Aussie summer, Aussies rely on a few things – a hat, sunscreen, refrigerator and an air conditioning unit. When temperatures shoot up, an air conditioner makes life comfortable. But is your AC really ready for summer? Before summer, contact an Adelaide Commercial AC expert or shop for a new unit if your current air conditioner has one or several of these issues.

Unit Doesn’t Cool

In good condition, an air conditioner should supply sufficient cold air. Sometimes, during regular use, you might experience little or no cool air. Low refrigerant levels are the reason behind this. Other triggers are a damaged compressor, dirty filters and obstructed air vents.

Diminished Air Flow

If during operation, there’s little or no air flowing out of the vents, chances are, your compressor is failing. Check the filters if your thermostat is ok, but your home is still warm. It’s time for a new unit if the existing one isn’t working at its best level.

Strange Noises or Smells

An AC unit should operate almost silently. When you hear loud or unusual noises, it’s time to act. Inspect the fan, look for loose parts and clean dirty areas. Replace your system if it buzzes, screeches, grinds, grates, rattles or ticks. Foul odours mean your ductwork is mouldy or insulation is damaged. Once you replace the filters, strange smells should fade. If not, install a new unit.

Leaking or Excess Moisture

Whether or not your AC is in use, it should stay dry. A leak, increased condensation, and moisture inside the house signal it’s time to do away with your old system. Since refrigerant leaks are hazardous, request a professional to inspect your unit straight away.

Short Cycling

It’s normal for an air conditioner to cycle on-and-off. Doing so maintains a set temperature in your home. However, if your unit switches itself off randomly or has difficulty getting started, a malfunction is likely. You’re lucky if it’s a blown fuse. Serious issues require expert repair or system replacement.

High Energy Bills

A sudden surge in electric bills is a tell-tale sign of dirty or worn out components. Clean the air vents, replace the filters and inspect the condenser coil. The air conditioner is approaching the end of its service life if it’s still overworking.

Act ASAP to enjoy an energy-efficient Aussie summer with no leaks, noises and faults. Laze around and you won’t beat the heat.

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