Air Conditioning Mistakes

Mistakes People Make With Their Air Conditioners

Rising global temperatures affect our homes and offices. Honestly, we can’t live or work comfortably in a room that burns like hell. Air conditioners do their best to save the day. But because everyone is human, we make mistakes that undercut their safety and efficiency.

If your AC is badly maintained or highly contaminated, it won’t keep you cool and healthy when summer rolls around. To save your wallet and lungs, correct these eight air conditioning mistakes.

Not Changing or Cleaning AC Filters

Once every 3 months, change the filter. If your system runs all the time, clean the filter once a month. When you neglect this chore, dirty filters lead to poor air flow. Filthy filters shorten the lifespan of your unit and increase your AC bill.

Failing to Service the AC Annually

Regular maintenance keeps your system running efficiently. Look up online DIY tips or video tutorials. Now clean the coils and fins. Too much work? Pay a handyman. For quality work, hire an commercial AC specialist in Adelaide.

Lacking a Programmable Thermostat

Before leaving the house, adjust the thermostat. But that’s too old-fashioned. With a programmable thermostat, life’s easy. New, “smart”, phone-controlled thermostats make programming simple. Whether you’re at work or off to shopping, automatically raise or lower the temp.

Setting the Thermostat Too Low

Every degree you raise the temperature, your AC bill drops. Set your thermostat to 26 degrees Celsius. Go higher if you can. That way, you cool down and save money.

Taking no Advantage of Fans

Any type of fan can keep cool air circulating in your house. Ceiling fans are the best. They help your AC system out. During the summer, make sure the ceiling fan is turning counter clockwise. This promotes great air flow.

Thermostat and Vents are Poorly Positioned

Your AC will toil if a nearby lamp or the hot sun blasts your thermostat, hours on end. Blocking AC vents with curtains or furniture limits air circulation. Having said that, keep your vents unobstructed and thermostat well-placed.

Cooling Empty Rooms

Unoccupied rooms don’t require an air conditioner. Closet doors are another culprit. When they’re open, they deplete cold air. Closing cabinet doors and AC vents in vacant rooms ensures no cold air is lost.

Missing Blinds or Curtains

Close blinds and slide curtains to block sunlight and shield your place from the sweltering heat. Keep in mind that the sun is your AC system’s nemesis.