Refrigerator Repair Guide

A Complete Guide to Refrigerator Repairs

At all times, it’s advisable to hire a qualified fridge mechanic if your refrigerator is messing you up. For hoteliers, food junkies and wine enthusiasts, this guide spells out what to do when your fridge peters out.

Troubleshooting Refrigerator Problems

Whether your fridge is running or not, if you’re a handyperson, these are the things you can do before calling a technician.

  1. Don’t fret when your fridge stops functioning. The problem might be an electrical one. Either it’s a loose connection or a blown fuse. Unplug the fridge and plug it in again. That may not work if your circuit breaker has an issue. At this point, hire an electrician to carry out the electrical tasks.
  2. Check the temperature setting if the refrigerator is working, but isn’t cold enough. Lower the temperature to restore efficiency. If the issue persists, replace the door seal.
  3. When you open the fridge door, if the light doesn’t go on, just replace the bulb. Some tests should be done if the refrigerator isn’t running, but the light goes on. Pay a technician to inspect the compressor motor, compressor relay and overload protector.
  4. Your fridge is probably out of balance if it’s wobbly or noisy. Use a level to make the necessary adjustments.
  5. Defrost your refrigerator if it runs continuously. Defrosting maintains your unit’s operating efficiency. There’s a problem with the heater, thermostat or defrost timer if your automatic defroster isn’t working.
  6. Clean the drain tube if there’s water in the fridge. Before doing this, unplug the unit because an electric shock is likely.
  7. Check the drain pan, water filter and defrost drain if water is leaking from the refrigerator.

Fridge repair requires little effort if you have the right equipment and expertise. However, buying replacement parts isn’t cheap. If, after reading this guide, you can’t spot the problem or fix it, find a competent technician in your area. It’s the wisest and cheapest thing you can do.

While you have fun at work, remember doing it yourself can lead to:

  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Greater costs in the long run
  • Accident and injury
  • Quick fixes that don’t stand the test of time
  • Use of imitation or inferior parts
  • Failure to identify deeper faults
  • Bigger problems that are costly to fix

Since your fridge is the hardest worker in the kitchen, award it a “mini-vacation” – professional refrigeration repair.

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